Steel Wheels

Algood Caster Innovations manufactures a wide range of steel wheels:

  • Semi-Steel (STR)
  • Solid Steel Crowned (SS)
  • Forged Steel (FSR)
  • Heavy Ductile (HDR)

Cast iron, ductile iron, and forged steel wheels are toughened for strength and longevity. The steel wheel is used on rugged and concrete floors. This wheel could cause floor wear and it is noisy. However, solid steel crowned wheels are available and cause less damage.


Algood Caster Innovations Steel wheels are excellent for:

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Use
  • Abusive Applications
  • Bake & Paint Ovens
  • Large Waste Bins
  • Extreme Temperature Applications
  • Heavy Equipment

Steel Wheel Specifications:

  • Color: Slate Grey
  • Temperature: Widest Range
  • Durometer: 120 Rockwell E
  • Wheel Diameter: 2″ to 12″
  • Tread Width: 7/8″ to 5″
  • Load Capacity: 150 lbs to 30,000 lbs.
  • Hub Length: 1″ to 5 1/2″
  • Standard Bore: 1/4″ to 2.44″
  • Bearing Type: Plain, Roller, and Tapered or Optional

Available Options:

  • Roller Bearings (RB)
  • Tapered Bearings (TB)
  • Delrin Bearings available (substitute DB for RB)
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