All Spring. No Cha-Ching.

Now you can have all of the advantages of spring loaded construction on a Medium Duty caster without dinging your budget. Our new 5300 series spring loaded caster offers outstanding protection for cargo and equipment at an economical price point. Springs absorb the shock of loads being dropped into equipment. The reduction in stress dramatically prolongs equipment life. Uneven or pitted surfaces can be better negotiated.

Spring loaded casters isolate and dampen shock keeping it from being transferred to the equipment, ensuring that weight is always distributed evenly over all four wheels and guaranteeing that all four casters are always touching the floor. That, in turn, almost eliminates rattle, vibration and noise, allowing for a smooth, ergonomically friendly ride. Fragile or delicate cargo is protected.

The 5300 Series caster has a capacity of 500 lbs. and accommodates 2” tread widths with diameters from 4” to 6”. It is available with a full range of wheels as well as bearing and stem options. Springs can be customized to meet pre-load and maximum load specifications. This caster is ideal for mobile warehousing equipment, light manufacturing environments, kitchen and bakery equipment as well as store fixtures.

If you’re looking for a medium weight caster with added spring loaded advantages but without the cha-ching of high costs, contact your Algood sales rep or a member of our customer service team.

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