Finally, springs are here!

Now you can add versatility and longevity to your heavy-duty casters with our new spring loaded add-ons. Available with all our kingpinless casters, the spring loaded feature will protect equipment and cargo by isolating and dampening shock.

Noise and vibration are vastly reduced because the weight is distributed evenly over all four wheels and all four casters are always touching the floor, even on uneven surfaces. The component comes with dual springs and standard deflection of ¾”. It can be fitted to casters of all sizes from 4” x 2” to 12” x 3”. The spring loaded add-on can be customized to fit larger casters and the deflection can be customized to match your pre-load and max capacities. This new feature is available on casters with capacities up to 10,000 lbs. including our Twin Track, Typhoon, Monsoon and Tornado KingpinFree series.

Finally, springs are here to add value, versatility and longevity to your heavy duty casters. Be sure to ask your Algood sales rep or a member of our customer service team about our new heavy-duty spring loaded casters.

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