Craig Guttmann,

President, Algood Caster Innovations

We made the front page

2014 04 07 National Post InternetThe Financial Post is one of Canada’s premiere business publications and is read throughout North America. So, it was quite an honour to be featured on the front page. The article followed an in depth interview and tour by writer Rick Spence who was extremely impressed with Algood. He compared Algood to some corporate giants when he said, “It’s the type of design innovation that made firms such as Braun and Apple famous.” Spence also noted Algood’s exemplary reaction to the economic downturn, writing, “By bringing sales, engineering, production and customer service together to eliminate roadblocks, install best practices and develop new materials and processes, Algood became a custom-product powerhouse.” We’re very proud to have received the attention and thought that our business associates might enjoy knowing what the gurus of business are saying about Algood. You can read the full article online.

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