Craig Guttmann,

President, Algood Caster Innovations

What’s a Castersmith, you ask?

You may have noticed that Algood’s new tagline is The Next Generation of Castersmiths and I would bet your first question is, “What the hell is a castersmith?” I can tell you a lot about Algood by answering that question and explaining the new tagline.

Castersmith is a term that we coined based on all of the qualities that are understood when talking about other smiths – like silversmiths, blacksmiths and locksmiths. What follows is what I believe makes us true castersmiths.

  • Craftsmanship. We have mastered the trade of building casters. We manufacture our own casters and wheels we know every part, every ounce of material and every minute of work that goes into creating a quality product. We know every tiny detail that goes into making a caster from beginning to end. Our integrated production facility includes tool & die making, metal stamping, injection molding and assembly – all under one roof.
  • Attention to detail. There is no part of the design and production process that is too small to deserve our attention. Our fully resourced R&D and engineering departments make sure that every aspect of a caster’s performance is considered from the outset. We create our own prototypes, test them extensively and modify them until we’ve got it right.
  • Pride. Every caster or wheel that leaves our 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility has our name stamped on it.  It’s a stamp that says we stand behind our products and guarantee their quality. Through our commitment to ISO testing and compliance, we have achieved a near perfect 99% quality completion rate. As our shipping inserts say, every Algood order is packed with pride.

Here’s what “The Next Generation” part of the tagline is all about. Obviously, we’re the next generation because this is a family owned business and my brother Sean and I have taken over where my father, who founded the company, left off. My father is my hero and I try every day to emulate his dedication to our customers, his creativity in developing products that meet our customers’ needs and his commitment to hard work and honesty.

The Next Generation also means that this is a business that has embraced technology and innovation. We develop our own equipment. We integrate casters with advanced hydraulics and electronics. We are creative and have dozens of patented or patentable products. We have more standard caster configurations than any other manufacturer. Don’t just take our word for it. Algood was recently recognized by a huge Fortune 500 company as its most innovative supplier in 2013.

Far from being a meaningless marketing line, The Next Generation of Castersmiths provides a sense of purpose for all of us at Algood. It is our mission and we aim to live up to it every single day.

7 comments on “What’s a Castersmith, you ask?
  1. Jim Heaton says:

    I like your new marketing campaign, it induced me to click through on it and read about “castersmiths”

  2. Jim Heaton says:

    I like your new marketing campaign, it induced me to click through, and get your key messages…

    • Craig Guttmann says:


      Thank you for your comments! It is truly appreciated. Please let me know if there is a topic you would like me to blog about.


  3. Steve Myers says:

    Awesome…good job…we use Algood here at Western States…great product at a reasonable price.


    Product Development Engineer

  4. Ron Conrad says:

    Hello Craig, Your presentation epitomizes the fact which most people don’t comprehend, that the “caster world” is a much more complex market that even our customers expect. It often takes many questions to arrive at the point of suggesting and recommending caster products to a customer for their use, and some people cannot understand why those questions are necessary and / or important. “Its just a wheel!” It is great that you are attempting to spread that message, and enlighten people to the characteristics and attributes that we deal with daily. Ron Conrad, LG Rathbun Company, Denver, CO

    • Craig Guttmann says:


      I truly appreciate your comments! An upcoming topic I plan to blog about is… “Do you want your caster to look like a Caster or function like a Caster?” The other great follow up question I like to use when discussing weight capacity is… “would you put your head underneath that caster load?” Capacity and quality are never an issue until the caster fails and then it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Stay tuned for more informative blasts.


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