Specialty Casters

Algood Caster Innovations will modify casters to fit your application. Before you take the step to create a custom made caster, talk to our engineering and design team to see if we can meet your needs. Algood Caster Innovations has created specialty casters to meet the most unique and demanding customer applications. We can modify existing caster components including:

  • Caster yoke – drilling, tapping material, color, shorten or extend overall height & swivel radius
  • Base plate attachment configuration of drilling and tapping
  • Swivel plate
  • Groove urethane wheels
  • All plastic casters – yoke and wheel
  • Add thread guards to wheels
  • Add dual braking systems
  • Making special, non-standard colors available

At Algood Caster Innovations, we’re specialists at specialty casters. Here are just some of our specialty creations:

[-] Click to enlarge
600 Series Ball Caster with Side Locking Brake

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Air Force Caster

[-] Click to enlarge
Maxx with ¾”X6 Round Stem, ALL Wheel Lock & 2 Position Swivel Lock

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